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~ "As time vanished, the days grew longer, and each shot became a realisation of reality, pushing the target even further away: That life is for single-players." ~ My current situation is very complex
Everytime I close my eyes it’s like a dark paradise..💤💜 - - How was your day yesterday/today? ;3; I hope you had a nice valentine’s day hehew 💜 Im feeling pretty exhausted and tired qwq - {Werbung☁️}
В осенне-зимний период особенно актуален уход за кожей губ 💋 ⠀ 📌 Ведь подготовить губы к нанесению матовой помады без скраба практически невозможно 😻 ⠀ Поэтому рекомендую ☝ качественный и доступный ск


percussion de gouttes d'eau fige au flash, merci pour vos commentaires et favoris :-) percussion of drops of water frozen with flash, thank you for your comments and favorites :-)


View On Black I walk silently though my steps are music. I feel the imensity of the Univese that bore me, though it exists complete within me. I stand with Trees that remember my birth, Thoug


more thrifty finds from this weekend. I've tried to vow off buying any more xmas decorations but these were too cute! How could I leave them there? Especially for just $1.50 ea? And they each have