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🎯 📌کمپانی Reality Shares را مجبور به لغو در خواست ETF خود کرد . 📌کمپانی سرمایه‌گذاری Reality Shares که مقر آن در کالیفرنیا واقع شده و بیشتر به دلیل شروع فروش اولین ETFهای بلاکچینی مشهور است، اوایل هفت
You Don’t Need Indicators to Make Profitable Trading Decisions One of the largest benefits of price action trading is the fact you don’t need to worry about indicators to get your trade signals. You o
Dude makes 120k off bitcoin then buys a bunch of alt coins that crash and now can’t afford to pay the taxes on his gains because he didn’t realize taxes exist. Everyone who touches crypto is the dumbe


Ci sono esseri non umani esseri di mondi lontani tra la gente mortale tra la gente normale Sono creature aliene che navigano tra le stelle che abitano galie gemelle Sono qui per osservare Sono qui per

Le Crypto

This is a crypt that was buried deep under an old church in Rome. I can ure everyone that this is one spot I was NOT supposed to be, and certainly NOT with a camera, and definitely NOT supposed to be