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Ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы по поводу трейдинга: 1. Когда начала заниматься трейдингом? За сколько можно научиться торговать? Занимаюсь этим второй год, узнала о крипте зимой 2016-2017-го, на
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So Much CryptoLast night, the owner of the tiny crypto-currency exchange Poloniex reported that 12% of its ets had been stolen. The statement, frank explanation and action plan to deal with the compro
Last night, on the P2P Foundation Network website, in the comments section of the same post in which Satoshi Nakamoto originally posted his development of the “P2P e-cash system called bitcoin” (Feb 2
The digital currency community (me included) tends to be so enamored with the expanding uses for blockchain technology that we forget the rest of the world has yet to embrace Bitcoin, let alone altern
Jon Stewart mocks Gox and bitcoin, “Tamagotchi of currencies”…Bonus! Stick around & later in the episode you get a great interview with NY Mag’s Kevin Roose discussing his new book New Money: Inside t