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This is an example of centripetal (circular) motion. The liquid stays in the gl because of inertia, it wants to fly off from the circle, but the gl gets in the way and keeps it in place. This is the s
If you keep getting trapped at your desk by chatty coworkers, your browser can help you out. Google Chrome’s extension ‘NOPE | Can’t Right Now’ adds a button to your browser that immediately calls you
The Bleak Cyberpunk Future We Were Promised: Corporations are sticking wires in our brains!The Bleak Cyberpunk Future We Got: The creepy big-headed child on YouTube is a viral meme designed to mobilis


This technology is the OCT (optical coherence tomography) instrument at my optometry office. It allows a perspective of the layers of the retina that can't be visualized otherwise and has been very


Our civilization deeply depends on the innovations we%u2019ve made in computing technology in the last decade. Monitoring personal data storage and staying connected are now everyday parts of life- we


My kindle, only owned by me for less than a month, is now being "borrowed" by my daughter, in the same way that she "borrows" the computer. She also uses my mobile phone on a regul