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2019 Aries: you’re about to find yourself. it’s about to be hard, scary, and it almost might seem unbearable. you’re going to reach new highs that you’ve never thought you would, and maybe some new lo
Z O D I A C G U I D E / / I GAries: 5, 23, 24Taurus: 13, 19, 21Gemini: 19, 27, 30Cancer: 1, 18, 26Leo: 10, 22, Virgo: 7, 17, 24Libra: 4, 13, 29Scorpio: 16, 26, Sagittarius: 2, 19, 27Capricorn: 7, 10,


Strength is the dominating feature of Taurus. With it, however, there is a stubborn, firm-set nature that is difficult to change. The governing planet, Venus, emotional and fraught with primitive urge


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