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A very important no-powers idea I just had:The Avengers all meet each other at a dog park and become friends and bond over their mutts and then one day this sports car pulls up and this guy with desig
Imagine if Steve and Tony were married during Civil War and did fight but separated instead of getting a divorce. Where I’m going with this is imagine Tony having worn Steve’s dog tags throughout the
So anyway back to the warlord Steve thing (hopefully this doesn’t step on anyone’s toes and if it does I’ll delete it) I had had a thought, of like… something a little bit different from what I’ve bee


"la realt ti preme addosso ce l'hai sopra, ce l'hai sotto ce l'hai tutt'intorno tu sei chiuso nel tuo guscio ma la cosa non potr durare ancora molto" Vasco Rossi - "Idea 77"


Pensa se un'idea fosse gi tutto quello che hai e di pi se le idee non finissero mai [...]. Pensa se la tua fantasia fosse l'unica via. (Velvet da "Sei felice")


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