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通往教堂的階梯🏰 差點被我刪掉的聖心堂 爬文是說這區比較雜亂治安差了一點 還好出發前一直找常常去巴黎的 @tinghuannnnn 問了一堆問題😆有她的激推我才決定一定要來看看!! 不過我以為我也可以幸運拍到這裡美哭的雪景,很可惜的只看到天空飄了小小的白點點🤔 #法國 #巴黎 #蒙馬特 #聖心堂 #sacrécoeur #montmartre #dreamy #churches #ladde
I was supposed to share this photo in valentine day but I don’t care I wanna posted today😂🙄 and I wanna share the meaning of the love for me « love for me is life we can not live without been in love
My birthday boy 😍..... o menino mais chato do mundo mas também o que atura as minhas chatices ... feliz aniversário amor ❤️ toda felicidade do mundo para você e para nós


Maison du hameau de la reine Marie-Antoinette. Versailles, France. Jardin de Marie-Antoinette au Chateau de Versailles en France. Very worth the visit if you are in Paris. You can get there very easi