Ef35mm hastag posts

. Прекрасное начало нового фотографического года. Маша, январь 2019. . . MD @mariademianova . . . . #daylight #naturallight #russianbeauty #greengl #melancholy #shadows #sadgirl #mood #emotions #feel

Kubrick II

Wow, I've been really busy lately. So busy, that I didn't even have time for creating some great moments. However, I went through my old photos from Korea and discovered this self portrait I took back

In The Pouring Rain

Hey everyone, I caught this moment yesterday while I was shooting two hours in the rain. It was so awesome! In case you haven't checked it out, I've published THE ULTIMATE 365 GUIDE Part I on www.neo

A Place In The Sun

Hey everyone, "Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." Just moved to Cologne and this is my first shot. I know I rarely shoot in the sun, but I just

The City

Another one from my new favorite spot. soon i will be getting back to this spot to collect some more goodies :-) my photos are available at www.icampix.net NOTE: All images are Copyrighted by Asad G

The Stranger

Hey everyone, ...one of my last moments from Germany since I'm off to Australia Monday. Why don't you join me on the road less traveled by on Instagram. By the way, this is my brand new website www.