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Day 126 - oh hello there little guy. And HAPPY FRIDAY 🐖🎉 to all you pig fans out there a big thank you for your support we are only 100 followers away from our goal! This pig is Hiding in a nice warm
This is Hana. She smiles every time you walk in the room. Cannot physically help herself. Good girl levels off the heckin charts. 14/10 would give unlimited noggin pats & head scritches (📸: @hanawego)
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Can someone please stop time already? Little man here, Stache, is SIX today! HOW?!? My little cocky butthead lover man is now not so little (let’s be real, hasn’t been for a while but STILL) 😩😩😂. Happ
A very important no-powers idea I just had:The Avengers all meet each other at a dog park and become friends and bond over their mutts and then one day this sports car pulls up and this guy with desig
This is Cadogan. He’s kept the exact same morning routine for 13 years now. He knows how to spin to get to breakfast. Has to be a big 13/10Credit: @itscadogan