Goals, vision, objectives.... We all know they’re mildly important, right? . . My twin brother, that weird excuse me great human back there dancing, and I were chatting and we touched on a subject tha
Your only limit is you! 🙌🏼 Want to get more flexible or work up to your splits?! Check out my 30 Day Split Guide. I wrapped up all of my years of dance and yoga training into an easy to follow stretch
Damn, Pilates you are SO deceiving! 🤔 Took ABS ARMS & 🍑 this morning with @dana_levit at @newyorkpilates and we worked every corner & inch of the body! If you were to watch a #pilates cl from a far..
That’s the summer I realize that everyone around me is tanked. But it also dawns on me that a lot of the women are super double tanked — that to be a modern, urbane woman means to be a serious drinker